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Laser Helmet For Hair Growth

Elevate your client’s hair care with our advanced Hair Growth Helmet Laser. Backed by cutting-edge technology and expert collaboration, it offers a non-invasive solution for preventing hair loss, promoting growth, and enhancing overall hair health. Experience the future of hair care with this FDA-cleared, user-friendly device.


This is clinic only product.

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Advanced Medical-Grade Laser Helmet For Hair Growth

Controls excess oil | Prevents hair loss | Stimulates hair regrowth | Enhances hair thickness

Introducing our Advanced Medical-Grade Laser Helmet for Hair Growth, designed exclusively for professional use in salons, clinics, spas, cosmetology establishments, and retail outlets. This state-of-the-art device controls excess oil, prevents hair loss, stimulates hair regrowth, and enhances hair thickness. Backed by cutting-edge technology and expert collaboration, this FDA-cleared and user-friendly solution offers a non-invasive approach to hair care. Elevate your professional services and redefine the future of hair care with our advanced Hair Growth Helmet Laser.

Key benefits

  • Laser Light Therapy: Penetrates deeply, enhancing hair richness and strength.
  • Oil Control and Hair Nourishment: Regulates excess oil, prevents hair loss, and nourishes hair follicles.
  • Built-in Intelligent Sensor: Automatic operation stoppage for enhanced safety and efficiency.
  • Lightweight and Ergonomic Design: Ensures comfort during use for extended periods.
  • Blood Circulation Enhancement: Stimulates blood circulation and metabolism in hair follicles, promoting optimal conditions for hair growth.
  • Non-Invasive Alternative: A cost-effective and non-invasive option compared to hair transplant surgery.
  • FDA-Cleared: Meets rigorous safety and effectiveness standards set by the FDA.
  • Low-Level Therapy: Utilizes low-level therapy, also known as red light therapy or cold laser therapy.
  • Scalp Stimulation: Invigorates circulation and stimulates scalp tissues, encouraging hair growth in weakened follicles.
  • Preventive and Strengthening: Strengthens existing hair and aids in preventing future hair loss.
  • Gradual Results: Shows gradual results, slowing hair loss in the initial 1-3 months, thickening existing hair in 2-6 months, and stimulating new hair growth.
  • User-Friendly: Wear the helmet for 15 minutes once a week; cordless design ensures convenience in daily routines.

Key Features

  • Protective Silicone Gel Shield with Light Sensing Feature: Ensures safe and precise application.
  • Developed in Collaboration with the Institute of Laser Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences: Expertly crafted for optimal effectiveness.
  • Registered and Approved by NMPA: Complies with regulatory standards.
  • Multiple Honors and Qualifications for Optical Lens Patents: Recognized for innovation.
  • Consistent and Stable Energy Output without Flickering: Ensures reliability during use.
  • Certified by FDA: Confirmed safety and efficacy.
  • Intelligent Partitioning for Precise Light Application: Targets specific areas effectively.
  • 162 Customized Laser Diodes: Tailored for optimal results.
  • Remarkable Enhancement in Laser Starry Matrix Effect: Elevates the user experience.
  • Portable Power Source for Convenient On-the-Go Usage: Ideal for busy lifestyles.

Product Specifications

  • Type: Laser
  • Features: Hair-Loss Prevention, Hair-Repairing, Oil-Control, Hair Growth
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Application: For Clinic Use
  • Product Name: Laser Hair Growth Helmet Cap
  • Color: White
  • Power: AC 100-240V DC 5V 4.7W
  • Technology: 162 Laser Lights
  • Wavelength: 650-670nm
  • Power Bank with Remote Control: 3600mAh


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